How To Monetise Your Web Site or Blog - Suggestion 1


How To Monetise Your Web Site or Blog - Suggestion 1


There are lots of different services offering to monetise your blog or web site. The first one I am going to bring to your attention is Shopping Ads. You sign up with them, and then if you are accepted, they provide code for you to place on your site.

The ads served can display in a number of different configurations and it’s up to you to choose which suits your site best. There are some limited display options available to you to select for colours and styling used in the ads.

The products selected by Shopping Ads for you are not context sensitive - in other words, they don’t automatically select a bunch of products based on your site’s keywords, but Shopping Ads do allow you to specify a number of keywords and then only ads that are in those keyword categories will display.

You are paid on the basis of either Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action (CPA) depending on the whereabouts of your site and the traffic you get. I placed the ads on one of my sites and although I am based in the UK and therefore only able to gain CPA income, they quickly promoted me (within a single day) to also be eligible for CPC income.

In the case of CPC income, I am paid for every click someone makes on a Shopping Ads link, but for CPA income, you only get paid when having clicked on an ad, the visitor also goes on to some pre-defined action like product purchase, or perhaps newsletter signup. Something more than just a click, anyway.

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