Responsive Matrimonial Script Testing

Responsive Web Design is an approach of creating a website that responds to the user’s behavior and environment based on user’s device and screen size. Responsive web design uses grids of adjustable columns for creating page layout. In addition of different CSS media queries adjust the images and columns' width and layout according to device's available width. In simple words, a responsive website has the technology to respond to the user’s device or browser.

In these days, every client wants a responsive version of his website. It is also applied to matrimonial website owners. Most matrimonial website owners want their websites to be responsive but matrimonial websites are different in nature from other business websites. Designing a matrimonial website as full responsive is very hard work and most matrimonial script developer companies have a lake of professional web designers. I have seen some matrimonial script developer companies offer to their clients for a responsive matrimonial website but when if you check thoroughly each page you’d take notice that all pages are not fully responsive and mobile-friendly. They designed very few pages as responsive and all other pages are not responsive.

According to my knowledge and experience, no company has a fully responsive and mobile-friendly matrimonial script. This post is to develop awareness about the difference between fully responsive matrimonial scripts or partially responsive matrimonial scripts. If any company claims that their matrimonial script is fully responsive then you should check all pages on different devices like desktop PC, laptops, tablets, and small mobile phone devices.
For testing matrimonial script responsiveness, you should ask them to provide user credentials for testing. After login in as a user, check all pages like my profile, inbox, and expression received, search for different profiles, and select any profile to see on responsive screens. If all pages are responsive and working fine on all mobile devices then go for the purchase, otherwise, ask them for the full responsive matrimonial script. Many matrimonial website owners told me that they have paid for fully responsive matrimonial scripts but they received scripts that are not fully responsive. If you are going to pay for a fully responsive matrimonial script then you should know how to test for the fully responsive matrimonial script.

If you have a non-responsive matrimonial script and you want to convert your current matrimonial script to fully responsive matrimonial script and do not have enough budget to purchase a new responsive matrimonial script then we recommend PSD to HTML to convert your current website into fully responsive version at low cost.

Waqar Bukhari


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