How to use Android smartphone as PC microphone?

How to use an Android smartphone as a PC microphone?

How to use Android smartphone as PC microphone?

There is no separate microphone option on the desktop, again no matter how expensive your laptop is, there is no good/excellent quality microphone! Because most of our users use separate external headphones or headsets for talking, manufacturers do not think much about the microphone quality of laptops. But if you do not have headphones/headset or do not like to read headphones for urgent video calls then you can use your Android smartphone as a PC / laptop microphone.
Because the current midrange Android smartphones have a very good quality microphone and you will also get a noise cancellation feature in many smartphones. Now if you use the smartphone as the microphone of the PC / Laptop, you can also use the Noise Cancellation feature of the smartphone on the PC! This method will be very useful for you if you do not have headphones in an emergency. Especially in this Corona situation, if the headphones are worn out, the person who goes out and buys a new one may not have a chance.

WO Mic tool

If you want to use an Android smartphone as a PC mic, you need a tool called WO Mic. This tool will convert your Android / iOS smartphone into a Wired / Wireless mic.

You can use it for various purposes including voice chatting, recording, and voice remote control on a PC. With the tool, you can connect the mobile microphone to the PC via Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi. However, you can get the best stable performance with a USB cable. And to use WiFi, PC and mobile must be connected to the same WiFi network.

Install Wo Mic on your phone and PC.

First, you need to install WO Mic App on your smartphone. It will capture your voice on the smartphone mic and transmit it to the PC.

Then download and install WO Mic Client For Windows on your PC. This is WO Mic's Windows app.

Finally, install WO Mic Device Driver on PC. It will receive data for WO Mic Client and simulate the mic data of your smartphone as Real Microphone Device. There are many applications that do not directly support virtual devices other than microphone devices.

How to use Android smartphone as PC microphone?

When installing the driver on the PC, select the correct driver according to your Windows version and bit version in the setup box.

How to use Android smartphone as PC microphone?

After installation, the WO Mic device will be created. To check if you have installed the driver correctly, go to the Device Manager of the PC and you will see in the Sound, video, and game controllers section that your WO Mic Device will be listed there.

USB system

By default the WO Mic app will be offered as a USB transport. And it is better to use it, then why not see the type of lag in performance. However, if you want to work in the USB method, you must first have the USB Debugging feature turned on in your smartphone.

To enable USB debugging, go to the About Phone section from the phone's settings option and tap Build Number 6 times, then the Developer Option will be unlocked.

How to use Android smartphone as PC microphone?

Then go to Settings> System> Developer Options and keep scrolling down; You will get the USB Debugging option; Tap on it and turn it on.

App setup

Launch the WO Mic App on your smartphone. Come to app settings. Make sure that USB is selected in the Transport box. Now tap on Audio Source option and select Mic (Mode 3) option there. You will find detailed information on which option will be useful on the WO Mic webpage. Mode 3 supports Noise Cancellation feature.

How to use Android smartphone as PC microphone?

Go to the app's home page then click on the Play icon; Allow if you want audio permission.
How to use Android smartphone as PC microphone?

Now connect the mobile to the PC with the USB cable. Then turn on Wo Mic on PC and give Connection> Connect.

Connection Windows will come. From here tick the USB box and click the Connect box below.

Then you will see Allow USB debugging popup message coming to your phone! Give it Always Allow.

Failed to connect to server error may come while connecting for the first time, I also came. No worries, you connect again> Connect. Now it will be connected.

At the same time, if you can connect properly, you will also see that there will be a notification called WO Mic is Streaming.

Set as Default Recording Device

Now you need to set this virtual mic as the default recording device in a PC system. It will come directly to the mic recording with your smartphone when using any apps. Here's what to do:

Turn on the PC's control panel. Search by typing Sound, click on Sound and go to Recording. After coming here, you will see that there is an options list called Internal AUX jack.

Right-click on it and enable the diameter!

WiFi method

If style and relaxing tie are more important to you than performance and if your home internet speed is good then you can try with WiFi. However, this way your PC and mobile must be connected to the WiFi of the same router (which is normally connected!)

Launce the Mic Mic Android app. Go to settings. Tap the Transport box and select the Wi-Fi option.

And put Mic (mode 3) in the audio source. Go to the home page of the app. Click on the Play icon, then you will see that an IP address is provided.

Then turn on the Wo Mic tool on the PC. Click on Connection> Connect.

This way you have to tick the WiFi cell from the options list. And in the Phone, IP address field, the IP displayed on the mobile must be entered. Then click the Connect button.

Diameter! Became a PC microphone! Without buying any type of headphones/microphone! You can also use your mobile as a PC webcam. If you want to know, read the following article.

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